Big Usage Example

Let's say you're a big Internet user and use about 850GB per month in data uploads and downloads. Fast is good, so the 30Mbps speed is what you'd like. Your renting this home for the next 24 months and you don't need a home phone line.

  1. Choose the 30Mbps plan speed ($30)
  2. Choose the NEW UNLIMITED monthly data transfer allocation ($80)
  3. Choose 24 Month contract (DEDUCT $10)
  4. Choose not to bundle a home phone line ($0).

Add the amounts together:  $30 + $80 - $10 + $0 = $100 per month

Plan Component Component Options with per Month Charge
# Plan Speed
Up to 10Mbps
Up to 30Mbps
Up to 60Mbps
Monthly Data Transfer Allocation
(Uploads and Downloads)
Add $25
Add $45
Add $60
Add $80
! Choose Shaping Speed
Add $0
Add $10
Add $20
  Choose Contract Discount
24 Month Contract
Deduct $10
12 Month Contract
Deduct $0
1 Month Contract
Deduct $0
* Choose to bundle Home Phone No home phone in bundle
Add $0
Add home phone to bundle
Add $15



  • Existing customers can upgrade to the new Advantage plan
    (a new contract is established)
  • An option from each component above is required
  • These MYO plans are ONLY available with an automatic payment plan
  • A once-off service establishment charge applies for telephone and Internet access services, see the pricing and service information guide for details
  • All plans are invoiced monthly in advance
  • All prices shown includes Federal Goods and services Tax (GST)
  • Pivit does not condone illegal downloading

# Symmetrical speed, same speed uploads and downloads (10, 30 & 60Mbps)
   e.g. 10Mbps Upload speed and 10Mbps Download speed

% (1,000,000KB = 1,000MB = 1GB or 1 GigaByte)

@ All MYO plans count data uploads and downloads in the monthly data transfer allocation

#60/60Mbps services are only available at Kelvin Grove and Little Bay (coming soon to other sites). Some premises do not have suitable infrastructure to support the 60 or 30Mbps plans. Pivit will confirm if your premises are not suitable at time of installation. If your premises can’t support 30 or 60Mbps, you will only pay for the 10Mbps service. Please contact Pivit by email ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) to confirm the suitability of your infrastructure.

! The service is shaped to the chosen shaping speed for the rest of the month after the monthly data transfer allocation is exceeded.

* Home bundle includes 50 free local calls. Unused local calls do not carry over to the next month.


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