SME Usage Example

Let's say your organisation uses some cloud-based apps (email and online ordering, for instance) so you transfer a modest amount of data each month (currently about 150GB per month in data uploads and downloads). 20Mbps is the speed you desire and you're happy to commit to a 24 month agreement.

  1. Choose the 20/4Mbps plan speed ($70)
  2. Choose the 200GB monthly data usage plan ($40).  Beyond 200GB, a data charge of $1 per GB would apply.
  3. Choose 24 Month contract installation ($220)

Your monthly fee would be $110 ($70 + $40), plus a one-time setup of $220.

Pivit’s new SME Business Plans are designed for small-to-medium businesses.  The plans allow you the flexibility to choose the components that meet your business needs.

Step 1 - Choose your plan speed

Plan Speed


Step 2 - Choose your data usage plan

Data Usage Plan
(Uploads and Downloads)

Step 3 - Add the value of the plan speed and the value of the data usage plan to determine monthly price

Excess data $1 per GB  (max of $100 per month in excess data charges) 
Installation $0 (36 month agreement) / $220 (24 Month agreement) / $440 (1 month agreement)
  All prices shown INCLUDE GST



  • A plan speed and a data usage option is required
  • All plans are invoiced monthly in advance
  • All prices shown include Federal Goods and services Tax (GST)
  • Pivit does not condone illegal downloading
  • 1,000,000KB = 1,000MB = 1GB or 1 GigaByte
  • All plans count data uploads and downloads in the monthly data transfer allocation

Some premises do not have suitable infrastructure to support the plans. Pivit will confirm if your premises are suitable at time of installation. Please contact Pivit by email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) to confirm the suitability of your infrastructure.


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