How do I Appoint an Authorised Representative for my Account?

What is an Authorised Representative?

An Authorised Representative (also known as a Third party Authority) is a person appointed by the Account Holder to act on their behalf. If you are the Account Holder you may appoint a person to act on your behalf as your Authorised Representative for your Pivit service.

What does it mean to have an Authorised Representative on my Pivit Account?

Nominating a person as an Authorised Representative or Third Party Authority (TPA) means you authorise them to inquire about, accept and create charges on your account, as well as providing them with access to your personal information.

What can an Authorised Representative do?

Authorised Representatives can make a variety of account request types, with the exception of the following:

  • Connect a new stand-alone service / Pivit product in the account holder’s name
  • Add / remove additional Authorised Representatives / Third Party Authorities
  • Agree to re-contract/agree to a new contract
  • Restart/reopen an account holder’s service after a full disconnect or after the account is disconnected due to financial reasons
  • Change the account holder’s security details such as date of birth, internet username, PIN, address, password or driver’s license number
  • Process a Change of Account Holder/Change of Ownership
  • Arrange service relocation (unless the account holder specifically advises Pivit in advance of a relocation that a TPA will be calling to organise)
  • Change a phone number
  • Update the billing address

How can I add an Authorised Representative to my account?

To add an Authorised Representative or Third Party Authority (TPA) please complete this form.


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