How do I Appoint an Advocate for my Account?

What is an Advocate?

An Advocate is a person appointed by the Account Holder to communicate with Pivit about their service if and when they so choose.

What does it mean to have an Advocate?

Nominating a person as an Advocate means you authorise them to speak to us about your Pivit Service.

What can an Advocate do?

An Advocate can communicate with Pivit  representatives about the Account Holder’s service, but is not authorised to establish, or make changes to an Account Holder’s account or to any Pivit  Services, unless the Advocate is also the Account Holder’s Authorised Representative. Any person acting as an Advocate has no power to act on the Account Holder’s behalf and has no access to their information without the Account Holder being present and agreeing to such action.

How can I appoint an Advocate?

An Account Holder can appoint any person to act as their Advocate. The nominated person should advise Pivit representatives that they are acting as an Advocate for the Account Holder when contacting us. Contact Pivit on 1300 66 33 20 to appoint someone as an Advocate for your account.


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