Email When Travelling

Can I Access My Email When Travelling?


Pivit Webmail is a great way to access email when not at home.  You can access Webmail via any browser anywhere in the world.

If you are travelling with your laptop you can also download (POP) your email to it via any network connection anywhere in the world.  However, Pivit like most ISPs only allow outbound email via their own email server when connected to their network.  So it is likely that you will need to change your outbound email server to the one specified by the ISP you are connecting through.

 (More about outbound email servers and Pivit's email settings).

To access Pivit Webmail.

Click here or type into your web browser.

The same username and password that you use with your email client (like MS Outlook/Express) should be used here.

 Contact Pivit Support to confirm your username and password if it has been lost.


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