What Type of Router is Needed?

What type of broadband router do I need on a Pivit internet access service?

Pivit’s internet access service does not require a broadband router but a router is recommended. A broadband router enables multiple PC’s to share a single Internet connection by creating a home local area network (LAN). Routers can also provide some basic security to the home LAN.

A broadband router usually has a single WAN or Internet port and 1 or more LAN ports. Please see the illustration below. Any broadband router should work, however ADSL modem routers are not suitable. Click here for information on wireless routers.


The following list is indicative only of routers that Pivit customers have successfully connected to the Pivit network.

Manufacturer Models
Apple Airport Express
EnGenius ESR300
Netgear WNR2200, R7000

The above list is not intended to be exhaustive, merely an indication.

Click here for router setup information

Need help setting up your router? Call the router manufacturer or contact a support company like IT Hotline.


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