What Impacts Internet Speed?

A great question!  

Here's the short answer...  

Your PC, type of service, the web site your using and even your own Wi-Fi router.

Here's a more detailed answer...

There are many elements that impact how fast your Pivit internet access service operates. Speed will be impacted by:-

  • The applications being used on your computer;
  • The type of Pivit service activated. For instance, Residential Services and Business Services perform to different specifications; 
  • Hardware - including PCs and network devices like firewalls and switches; (the age, amount of RAM and disk space, how it is configured and the like can impact performance);
  • Wi-Fi - if you are using Wi-Fi be sure to secure your access point (read more);
  • PC Software (is it updated/patched to the most recent version?);
  • Viruses/Trojans and other malicious software can easily monopolise an Internet connection;
  • Network cabling within your premises (including a wireless access point if in use);
  • The performance of web sites and other servers (like mail and gaming servers) that you connect to.

The above factors are the key 'bottlenecks' to Internet performance. Pivit (or any other ISP) is unable to guarantee Internet access speeds for these reasons. A good test of performance is to go to Pivit's speedtest webpage. Please do this speedtest just before you contact Pivit's support team.

Oh, and by the way... your Pivit Internet access services IS NOT impacted by:-

  • The distance you are from an exchange
  • The other services being used at the same time over your fibre infrastructure (like TV or Telephony)
  • The quality of copper cabling from the local exchange to you premises - Pivit's services uses next generation fibre optic cabling


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