Do you want to make your business more profitable

Pivit has recently revaluated their business plans to give business customers more for less. The aim is to help business customers become more profitable by reducing some of the painful operating costs. 

The latest plans have been reduced in cost by up to 50% and now give customers the option to choose unlimited data. Here is a quick look at the main areas that have been changed in the new business plans. 

  • The pricing across ALL business plans have been reduced by up to 50%
  • You can now choose Unlimited Data
  • We have removed our lower plan options 5/1 and 50GB
  • You now get 10/2 and/or 100GB for the cost of the above
  • A courtesy upgrade to the next highest speed and data will be given to you if you are currently on our 5/1 and/or 50GB plans

Take a quick look at the new SME Business Plans options for your business to find out how much more you could be saving. Now might be a great time to pocket some savings for your business