About Pivit

Pivit is a specialist builder and operator of next-generation optical fibre networks.

Pivit works closely with Property Developers, consultants and government agencies to future-proof new and existing developments by designing and installing innovative optical fibre networks that enable a full suite of telecommunication services. These 'triple-play' services include telephony, broadband and video (both free-to-air and subscription TV).

Pivit designs all next generation networks to support 'open access' such that multiple retail providers can deliver services over Pivit managed infrastructure.

Optical fibre networks replace the traditional copper networks, with an enhanced model of services and the ability to add value to a development, as well as providing superior telecommunications services with virtually unlimited capacity.

Broadband is increasingly becoming an essential utility; just as water, gas and electricity are taken for granted today, high-speed broadband is necessary for enhanced outcomes in health, education, community and government to capture the economic and social benefits that come with the fibre revolution.

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