Multi-Dwelling Developments

We deliver solutions the NBN can't

Affordable Fixed Price Maintenance

Up to 30% reduced telecommunication construction costs

Faster construction time and off the plans sales

Think of the possibilities

What’s the best investment you could make for the future? Believe it or not, it’s your telecommunications infrastructure.

We create a remarkable connected experience for your residents by designing and building an ultra-fast reliable communications network. The network provides long-term value for residents by providing access to an expansive suite of services, while also providing building operators with a competitive advantage.

One Company One Solution

In the past, Developers in Australia had little choice when choosing a telecommunications provider. Telstra and now the NBN Co the main network suppliers offer limited services over their networks.

Pivit is unique. We can deliver multiple systems and services over our fibre-optic network. These services include the basics such as phone, the internet plus intercom, access control, managed Wi-fi, camera solutions, building management systems, television and pay television.

What this means for your development is a truly integrated approach reducing construction costs and project time and more value for you and your buyers.

Additional services

If your development requires something specialised, we deliver. We are flexible and will listen to your needs. Additional systems that interface through an RF connection such as TV or radio signal or through an Ethernet interface are all interconnected with Pivit’s network solution.

Reduced Costs Increased Profits

Pivit’s integrated solution is efficient and will save you 10% to 30% on the upfront telecommunication construction costs. We remove the need for the NBN contribution. We also make sure there are no nasty surprises for your residents by keeping ongoing costs to a minimum with an affordable fixed priced maintenance charge.

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    Pivit's Integrated Systems

    One stop Australian Customer Support

    Our customer support team based in Brisbane, Australia are on call to assist residents and operators with an extended hours faults support service. One integrated solution means that we can take care of all issues immediately and remove the need to deal with multiple suppliers.

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    We believe in Your Success

    • We believe in helping business succeed. Your development will attract buyers, easily when you choose Pivit as we offer;
    • Fastest residential internet speeds in the country.
    • Allocated project manager for each build.
    • New experiences and a way of life is possible with our connections including virtual reality, streaming entertainment and smart home automation.
    • Free connection to the Internet (We will not charge new residents to receive our fibre optic network. The NBN requires all end users to pay $300 first time connection to an address).
    • To learn more about the technical details and how we can help your development be more profitable, more sale-able and more competitive contact us today.

    * Please note each site is individually based on what level of link is available back to the capital city PoP’s. The lowest speed available will range from 100Mbps speeds up to 1Gbps

    What Our Customers Say

    "Over the past 8 years Pivit has been instrumental in helping us develop our comprehensive telecommunications platform.Pivit's service has been outstanding. The range of services provided though our Pivit network includes Telephone and Internet services, Television reception, Remote control of security gates, Security cameras and License plates recognition",

    Chiou See Anderson, Managing Director, Elements Retirement Village


    Australian owned and Operated

    Reliable Quality Connectivity

    Australian customer support team

    Engineered to Perform