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Ultra Fast Technology

Reliable high speed internet access is critical for most organisations. Business activities such as transactions, e-mail and use of cloud-based services all require constant internet connectivity.

We supply this connectivity across many internet access options to choose from. From our ultra fast fibre-optic network that can deliver over 100 Gigabits per second through to copper and microwave/radio point to point. We will help your business succeed with a customised internet solution.

Flexible Plans and Pricing

We offer a wide range Internet access plans to suit any type of business. We also understand that not every business is the same and your businesses may require something unique, and so, offer tailored solutions to meet your requirements.


We monitor our networks continuously to ensure every customer has access to reliable quality internet. We build our networks to withstand the harsh Australian climate including remote and complex areas such as mobile mining camps and underground mining operations.

Service Options

Our high-speed fibre optic networks enable a full suite of services including voice, video and internet for all business needs.

Internet-access technology

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Internet Access Speeds

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