LBN Co. Residential Plans

Check for LBN Co Network Availability

Make Your Own Internet Access Plans

Pivit’s Make Your Own plans allow you the flexibility to choose the components that meet your needs. Click on one option from each plan component below, and your total monthly charge will be shown at the end. All Make Your Own plans have no excess usage charges.

If you are not on an LBN Co Network please check to see if we can provide you with internet plans on the NBN Network or the Pivit network. 

Work through the steps below to calculate your monthly internet plan

Step 1. Choose your plan speed (Download / Upload)

Step 2. Choose your Monthly data usage plan – (Uploads and downloads)

Step 3. Choose your shaping speed

Step 4. Choose to bundle Home Phone

Step 5. Choose the period you would like your services

Step 6. Choose Router – contact our support team for more information


Your Minimum 24 month Contract Cost

Please see the tables below for a minimum 24-month contract cost. Please note these do not include the one-off fees.


Additional Information and Forms

Please see a list of forms below including the Pricing and Services Guide and Critical Information Summary that provides detailed information on plans, pricing and services.