Imagining what retirement living will be like in the future is mind-blowing. Instead of a bus trip to the local museum, Retiree groups will be able to travel around the world using virtual reality. Wearable technology will help to maintain health and wellness, and kitchen appliances (IoT) will provide the ultimate convenience by ordering food from the store when needed.

As technology, such as the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT), Wi-Fi robotics and virtual and augmented reality improve, people’s everyday lives will change. Experiences such as virtual reality travel, shopping trips, family visits and doctors will all become new and exciting experiences. Connected wearables, such as clothing, will prevent disease and improve health and wellness by allowing retirees and their doctors to monitor their health closely.  These innovations could potentially transform retirement into a much more vibrant period of life that is about living better as much as it is about living longer.

In the next 25 years, this evolving technology will require developers and retirement village operators to think ahead of the curve on what is needed to provide these incredible new services. To be competitive, retirement village operators will need to install telecommunication networks that will allow for massive data expansion and a vast number of integrated services. These services will be critical to attracting retirees as much as the retirement villages design, community spaces and location.

Managing Director and Founder Ms. Chiou See Anderson, from Elements Retirement Living in Springfield, Queensland, is one forward-thinking retirement village developer and operator. She invested into a customised fiber optic network for the Elements Retirement Village knowing that it will be an essential piece of infrastructure that she owns and can control into the future.

This customised fiber optic network delivered by Pivit, not only provides much faster internet than the NBN, but also offers internal communication, phone, TV, intercom, security cameras, health services and surveillance through just one piece of fiber. Chiou See has the option to increase Elements Internet, data and services into the future as the retiree market begins to demand many more services.

Chiou See says  “Connectivity is one of the key features of Elements where the design philosophy focuses on fostering well-being. We have our own private, next-generation fiber optic network enabling residents to access the fastest possible internet speeds. We introduced what we believe is an Australian first and an initiative we are proud of – a personal tablet, cloud-based communication hub allowing residents to connect to each other and village management”.

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