Business Services

Telephony Services

cisco-phone-1-100hPivit's next generation networks provide the platform to deliver advanced telephony services. Capabilities like voicemail, conferencing and ‘follow-me' services along with unified messaging, video conferencing and mobile connectivity are available. As well as delivering new advanced functionality, Pivit's telephony services are compliant with the ACMA ‘standard telephone service' requirements.  Telephony services ranging from a basic PSTN service through to multiple primary-rate ISDN and VoIP services. Pivit's softswitch and decentralised architecture enables robust, flexible and very high quality voice services. 

Broadband Services

ethernet-cable-120wPivit's networks are ‘future ready' platforms with bandwidth capable of delivering tomorrow's applications for residential and business customers. The technology supports multiple high speed Ethernet data connections capable of speeds up to 1Gbps and beyond. Pivit's optical fibre broadband network delivers true high-speed broadband connectivity to the Internet and also enables private IP network solutions. 



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