Residential Plans

Which Pivit Residential Plan do I need?

Pivit offers a range of different Internet plans and we understand that selecting the right plan can be confusing.

Our services are delivered to you over either Pivit-owned or Pivit-Managed infrastructure, or 3rd party infrastructure where Pivit has an agreement to deliver the services.

We’d like to give you a brief description of each of the Plan Types that will help you to understand what to select when you are ready to complete the signup process.

Our residential plans are separated into 4 broad categories.

Pivit Advantage Series

The Pivit Advantage Series of plans is our latest offering. These plans are available to customers who have infrastructure provided by Opticomm. This may be in your apartment or your residential estate. If your current connection is part of the Telstra Velocity network, these are the plans to use if you want to migrate away from Telstra.

For more information about Pivit Advantage Series plans, please see the Pivit Advantage Plans page.

Pivit Freedom NBN

The Pivit Freedom NBN plans are available wherever an NBN service is available. This means that if you have a current NBN service and would like to change to using Pivit as your provider, we can certainly help you out!

For more information about Pivit Freedom NBN, or check if Pivit can supply NBN to your address, please see the Pivit Freedom NBN Plans page.

Pivit at Hilton Residences Surfers Paradise

Pivit has provided Internet and Telephone services to Residents and Apartment owners at Hilton Surfers Paradise for more than 10 years!

For more information about our services at Hilton Residences Surfers Paradise, please see the Pivit Hilton Plans page.

Pivit at Ormiston Rise

Pivit designed, built, and maintains the fibre optic network at Ormiston Rise.

For more information about our services at Ormiston Rise, please see the Pivit Ormiston Rise Plans page.

Additional Information and Forms

Please see a list of forms below including the Pricing and Services Guide and Critical Information Summary that provides detailed information on plans, pricing and services.