Pivit At Ormiston Rise

In 2016 Pivit partnered with The Tranquil Retirement Group to design, develop and implement a state-of-the-art communications network at their Ormiston Rise facility in Ormiston, Brisbane.

Each residential villa has a fiber optic ONT that provides wired and wireless Internet, telephone services and RF TV signal.

We offer a range of Internet and Telephone plans specifically designed for Ormiston Rise.

Our Ormiston Rise Internet Plans come with Unlimited data and no speed shaping. This means that you will never have the speed of your service throttled by us because you’ve downloaded too much data.

How do I get more information or signup?

Your first port of call should be to talk to the friendly staff at the Ormiston Rise office onsite. They have helped lots of residents get connected to Pivit. They can answer most of the common questions you may have and they have copies of the forms that need to be completed.

If you have other questions or need more information, you can always give us a call on 1300 663 320 or send a message to us using our Contact Form.

Can you tell me the cost of the services?

Let's work through the steps below to calculate your monthly internet plan

Step 1. Choose your plan speed (Download / Upload) with Unlimited data

Step 2. Choose to bundle Home Phone

Step 3. Choose the period you would like your services

Step 4. Choose Router – contact our support team for more information


Additional Information and Forms

Please see a list of forms below including the Pricing and Services Guide and Critical Information Summary that provides detailed information on plans, pricing and services.