Pivit Advantage Plans

Pivit Advantage Series

The Pivit Advantage Series of plans is our latest offering. These plans are available to customers who have infrastructure provided by Opticomm. This may be in your apartment or your residential estate. If your current connection is part of the Telstra Velocity network, these are the plans to use if you want to migrate away from Telstra.

All Pivit Advantage Series plans come with Unlimited data and no speed shaping. This means that you will never have the speed of your service throttled by us because you’ve downloaded too much data.

How much will it cost me?

Let's work through the steps below to calculate your monthly internet plan

Step 1. Choose your plan speed (Download / Upload) with Unlimited data

Step 2. Choose to bundle Home Phone

Step 3. Choose the period you would like your services

Step 4. Choose Router – contact our support team for more information


Your Minimum 24 month Contract Cost

Please see the tables below for a minimum 24-month contract cost. Please note these do not include the one-off fees.

*Please note: the Home Phone adds $15 per month or $360 extra over 24 months to any internet plan you have chosen. 

Additional Information and Forms

Please see a list of forms below including the Pricing and Services Guide and Critical Information Summary that provides detailed information on plans, pricing and services.