Residential Plans

Make Your Own Internet Access Plans

Pivit’s Make Your Own plans allow you the flexibility to choose the components that meet your needs. Choose one option from each plan component, enter the monthly charge in the right-hand column and total the column to calculate your total monthly charge. All Make Your Own plans have no excess usage charges.

Please note the availability of your chosen speed is subject to a service check at your location. Some premises do not have suitable infrastructure to support your chosen speed. Pivit will confirm if your premises are not suitable at time of installation. For more details, please contact Pivit by email to confirm the options available in your area.

Make Your Own Plans are only available on Pivit networks. For Plans on the NBN network please see NBN plans.


Step 1. Choose your plan speed (Download / Upload)

Step 2. Choose your Monthly data usage plan – (Uploads and downloads)

Step 3. Choose your shaping speed

Step 4. Choose to bundle Home Phone

Step 5. Choose the period you would like your services

*Please note excess usage does not apply to plans that choose UNLIMITED data

Step 6. Choose Router – contact our support team for more information